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David Alnwick: Nightmare Magic

9 Apr

Oso Arts Centre

Book here.

"Really well done... thoroughly enjoyed it... Really impressive" - Andy Nyman

When Robert Blake discovers a coded journal in his late uncle's attic, he enlists his oldest friend David to help decipher the contents. Join David, as he demonstrates their terrifying discoveries to the world.

Writer and magician David Alnwick combines acting, storytelling, and magic to create a unique theatrical experience.

"The show is scary... a creeping sensation of impending doom. Alnwick has reached a point in his career where he could coast on his formidable skill set... Instead he has chosen to innovate, pushing his own boundaries and the boundaries of magic as a genre." ★★★★★ - World Magic Review (Spoiler Free Review:

"Both the magic and the acting were on top form and I was completely mesmerised throughout the entire performance. The weaving of Lovecraft mythos into the tales added an extra chill factor, which I very much enjoyed." - Katy Danbury - Festival Director and Producer - London Horror Festival

"Carefully crafted with haunting scene-setting and eerie events unfolding. Alnwick is a talented narrator and speaks confidently to the audience, always in control of proceedings... atmospheric storytelling and exciting magic." - The Wee Review


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