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I.B.M Ring 122 Presents Tricks And Treats

The International Brotherhood of Magicians are advertising a free show on the 31st of October. Check eventbrite here for full details and tickets. Details printed on eventbrite are as follows:

Here's a great thing to do on Halloween! A free Halloween Magic show hosted by Boston's own International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 122

Join us for an afternoon of tricks and treats! Come see the wonderful performers of Ring 122: Debbie O'Carroll Crazy Davy Mikey Lee Pat Farenga Felice Ling Ryan Lally Wear your costumes and we'll wear ours! We will also be sending out a Mystery Prediction in A Secret Envelope with directions to "Do Not Open The Inner Envelope Until Told To DO So By A Qualified Magician!" - *If you would like to participate when this effect is presented, be sure to give us your mailing address so we can mail you the Mystery Prediction in A Secret Envelope Effect PRIOR to our Live Halloween Magic Show! Also, if you would like to be IN THE VIRTUAL SHOW, be sure to select the FRONT ROW SEAT feature to enter the raffle for Front Row Seats! (Limited). We will be raffling off a handful of spots in our call for those that want to volunteer and be part of the show. Details on joining will be sent out prior to the show. If you have any questions, please reach us at: A special envelope: After your get your tickets, you will receive an envelope in the mail containing a special prediction for the show. *Please note: These envelopes will be mailed through the United States Postal Service, so they are reserved for those of you who buy your tickets up to 5 business days in advance. Tickets obtained within 4 business days of the show will NOT receive this envelope. So for the full experience, be sure to get your tickets in advance!



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