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Luke Jermay’s Summer Season of Magic

I received an interesting email from magician Luke Jermay.

The email update advised that he had worked on a new show for over the last two years, his first new show in over 5 years which will be on sale soon. A show with focus on sleight of hand and conjuring.

The Summer season shows that are planned are limited to 12 shows with a max audience of 30 per show. Currently you can join a VIP access list to gain more details once on sale.

To learn more about Luke - website here

To sign up for VIP access to the shows and info for when they go on sale - here

As soon as I have more details, I will let you know.

The rabbit is out of the hat! I have spent the last two years secretly working on my first new show in over five years. I recently performed a series of preview shows and the response was staggering! Audience members reacted to this new magical experience in a way that, even in my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined! 



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