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Marvin’s Magic - Rubik’s Amazing Box Of Magic Tricks Mini Review

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The new Rubik’s Amazing Box Of Magic is now out by Marvin‘s Magic.

I preordered the set and I received it a couple of weeks ago by UPS. As the second person to preorder one of the first 40 boxes, I also received a signed certificate from Marvin himself (picture below). As a collector of items of interest which includes magic/cardistry, I was extremely pleased to get one of the first 40 produced boxes with certificate.

The set was well packaged and the box for the set is made to look like a massive Rubik’s cube. Sold by Marvin’s Magic and designed in collaboration with the inventor himself - Erno Rubik.

The set has 40 tricks to perform and is very nicely presented. Should keep me busy learning some of the tricks. Some effects are just self working but still may need a little practice to pull off the trick smoothly. Some of the tricks do require some slight of Hand to really make them work.

Tricks include instant solve and other Rubik’s effects. The photos below will give some idea of content inside the box.

Once the box is opened up, it is presented well inside and allows for easy storage of items to keep them pristine for the future.

The set will make a great gift for any magic or Rubik’s fan. Cost is reasonable as well at only £24.99.


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