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My Week In Magic - Update 32

My week got off to a pretty amazing start. I am taking a holiday/ break for April, so will have lots of time to work on my hobby and this site.

I was asked to do the introduction for this weeks Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) session. A star pro lecture and I would be introducing none other than Richard Jones! Amazing.

An enjoyable lecture that was very insightful, it was focused around presenting magic for television.

A few years ago, when I got back into magic, I never dreamt of some of the opportunities that would occur within the community after starting this website and joining LMN. A very memorable lecture and highlight.

As a small club, the experience is always intimate when events are hosted and we all got a chance to talk to Richard Jones. Everyone enjoyed the experience and learnt greatly from Richard’s experiences that he shared.

He can be contacted via his social media and website for pro lecture bookings.

Incidentally, if you would like to see Richard Jones perform, he has a public show that he is advertising for this month which takes place on the 10th of April. I understand that the last remaining tickets are now on sale. Visit Richard’s site or eventbrite to book. I have my ticket!

Richard Jones presenting his pro lecture to LMN

I was able to agree further interviews with some more artists during the week. A number of interviews now in the pipeline and I will gradually share details as they develop. They tend to develop at different speeds with some happening very fast and others taking a bit longer. That being the case, I have nine interviews in the works currentl!

Also, I am planning a special series of interviews with some very talented magicians for May when the site is a year old. Can’t wait to share details as it all develops.

One new interview that I announced this week is with Tony Middleton. I cannot wait to share this interview with you all and I have now finished writing and reviewing the post. It will be uploaded onto the site this Tuesday.

My latest interview that I posted this week is with Kerry Scorah. I am reviewing her new show today and looking forward to it! I will post my views early in the week, probably tomorrow. I know it will be excellent.

Collectables wise, my new Matthew Corbett poster arrived. A limited edition and mine was number 2 out of a total run of 52. That’s a pretty good low number to have!

I have a lot of fond memories of watching Matthew and Sooty as a child. I can still hear puppet Sue saying “Matthew” in her funny way. Not even sure if Sue features in the up to date show but remember my sister having a Sue hand puppet! Lol.

Check out this video below that was especially recorded for Magic Seats by Sooty and Richard Cadell. In case you have not seen it on the homepage, this will be your last chance for a while. It was recorded late last year, so I am now giving it a bit of a rest temporarily from the home page. I will use in the promo page though.

Site wise, it felt time to give the homepage a small revamp. A small lick of paint to refresh things on Friday. Hope you like the changes to the look.

As the site quickly approaches it first birthday in a few weeks, my ranking in the top UK 10 magic blogs has increased from number 6 to number 4. Really pleased with that as I put a lot of work into this site. The rankings are by Feedspot.

As for next week, I have a Richard Jones online show to review on the Saturday. Really looking forward to that new show. And of course, a LMN (Leicester Magicians Network) workshop hosted by Scot Jerram.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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