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My Week In Magic - Update 37

It is a big month for Magic Seats, when the site reaches its first birthday next Sunday on the 16th.

I have prepared lots of special interviews for the month with the four founders of the Leicester Magicians Network. Therefore, a nice new homepage look and special logo for May.

Little did I know when I started the site, the journey that it would take me on - creating site content, learning new skills and making lots of new friends/contacts. While maintaining the site can be hard work at times, especially creating new content, it has also been enjoyable and rewarding. I especially like using the site for interviews and cataloguing my unique collection of magic.

Another benefit of starting the site was the opportunity to join the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN).

Every week I get an opportunity to join the LMN for a workshop. lecture or social and this week was no different. This week we had a social and discussion about things to buy or miss. An entertaining and informative session.

If you are interested in joining a club, please do check out the special content that we have prepared this month. A new LMN page about the club is now live on the site and we will also be posting weekly interviews with the Founders this month.

The club is a very friendly group and most welcoming to those with a genuine interest in magic. Please also check out the clubs official website for information about events and membership. Link at bottom of this page.

Collectables wise, my two new Justin Willman posters arrived and also a new book about autographed playing cards also arrived.

I am really pleased with the posters and I have already added them to the collectables pages of the site. I have over 100 collectables listed now, so the collection is growing fast! With my collection growing, I have also added an additional page to the collectables section Autographed items are categorised into sections e.g books and posters, playing cards etc. This is still the case but I have added a new A to Z page of all autographed items. For ease, you can now see a list of all autographed items in one page.

Yesterday, a couple of Royal Mail covers also arrived that are signed by Wayne Dobson and Fay Presto. An old 1982 Paul Daniels annual also arrived.

I am looking forward to tonight and I have another Justin Willman online show. This will be the third time that I have seen him perform and I am looking forward to it. A brand new show! Likely to carry out as a mini review as I have previously reviewed his shows.

Content wise, I am now working on interviews for June. I have just finished my interview with Angus Baskerville, another interview that I am proud of. Over 20 interviews have now been completed in the last year - with more in the pipeline. The question is, who do I approach next?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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