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My Week In Magic - Update 46

The week got off to a good start. I was able to buy tickets to see Mandy Muden perform live in Lutterworth next month. Cannot wait as it will be the first live show that I have seen/booked in a while. Also, I was due to see Mandy a couple of years ago and was unable to attend unfortunately due to illness. Cannot wait to see her. Brilliant performer.

My Neo Magic collection is growing and my "Word Up" effect arrived from Neo Magic. Had a play with it and I also joined a great FaceBook group about the effect. Lots of handy advice to present the routine. As usual, great packaging and good instructions From Neo Magic

Website wise, I continued some of my work refreshing the look of the site. Hopefully you like the changes. I think that it all looks a bit more professional now.

Work also continued with a couple of interviews which were going through review earlier in the week. The Vincenzo Ravina interview is now posted and the Mark Shortland post will be in a couple of weeks.

Interview wise, I am quite proud of a lot of the interviews that I have completed, in particular the newer ones this year. If you are a magician and fancy being interviewed, please let me know.

Mid week, I finally started something new related to magic. Too early to tell you about it yet but I hope to share more soon. Shhh! Very exciting.

When watching AGT this week, it did not feature any magicians. So, no update on that front.

Have a great weekend.




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