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My Week In Magic - Update 92 Collectable Posters

The last couple of Sundays I have posted product reviews as my weekly updates. The reviews can take up quite a bit of time to prepare and reflect my weeks in magic for that period.

I am also currently reading the Ben Hart/ Neil Kelso book “The Darkest Corners” which I hope to share as a mini review very soon. I am gradually working through the effects but taking my time. I am also handling the book with a lot of care as it is signed by Ben and Neil and I want to look after it. An excellent book.

During the week, a few new signed magic posters were ordered. Hopefully they will arrive soon. For those that follow this blog or know me, I love collecting magic related memorabilia. My collection comprises of over a couple of hundred items and I particularly like autographed items. Signed posters are my favourite collectables and how I started collecting magic. Some of my earliest posters include Paul Daniels.

The latest additions will hopefully be impressive after a quiet period on the signed poster front (when they arrive). Poster prices can vary and older collectable posters can cost quite a bit. In some instances I have been able to gain newer posters which are signed for very little.

A couple of signed Matricks posters have been ordered. They are currently appearing on BGT and they had a couple of posters for their 2019 and 2020 touring seasons which are available to buy signed. I will of course add these to my collectables pages once received.

The other signed poster that was also ordered was from Mark James. He is very kindly sending me the signed poster after I contacted him. This will be another good addition to the collection I am sure.

If your interested in my collectable posters or magic collectables in general, do look here. I provide extra information about the posters and how I gained them within the collectables pages on this site.

Lastly, on the poster subject, I have also started designing a poster for a new show later this year for the Leicester Magicians Network. That would be fab if it gets completed and printed. Would be a great addition to have a poster signed by 6 or 7 Magic Circle artists that I have designed. I could also probably get away with signing it as well. I will keep you “posted” on that one. Have a good weekend.




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