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New Dynamo TV Special

The latest Dynamo special hits TV screens next week. Coming 14 December to Sky Max and NOW, airing live at 9pm

The two-hour special, Dynamo is Dead, will follow the magician’s journey told through powerful conversations with some famous names before the grand finale where viewers will watch Dynamo put his life on the line by…burying himself alive.

The official synopsis, released by Sky, reads:

“The world-renowned magician Dynamo is back as you’ve never seen him before - embarking on a transformative and soul-searching journey to explore the depths of mental health and well-being. As he grapples with his own struggles, Dynamo seeks answers from inspirational figures around the world so that he can bury his past and find a new beginning.

Through candid conversations with iconic actors, musicians, sports stars, journalists, and activists, each with their own powerful stories to tell, Dynamo learns of the struggles behind their success as they open up about their own journeys and share the wisdom and tools to navigate the complexities of life. Throughout his journey Dynamo shares his unparalleled magical talents with each of his guests, performing ground-breaking new magic inspired directly by their stories.

The heart-pounding climax of the show will be broadcast live - In order to embrace his future Dynamo must first bury his past, and his journey of recovery will end with him attempting his most dangerous stunt ever… being buried alive..”



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