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Site Updates for the Week Commencing 15th June

During the last week, the following Is a summary of what has been updated on the site along with this blog:

The Zoom Magic pages were updated on the 17th June and had additional shows added on the page for Magical Bones and Tom Brace.

The TV Streaming page was also updated on the 18th of June. I added the show “Death by Magic” featuring DMC to the Netflix listings. Also added ”May contain nuts” on the BBC iPlayer. Single episode about magic, series 3 episode 5.

Also on the 18th of June, I updated the tour listings page. According to Ents24, three scheduled Ben Hanlin dates are cancelled and a James Samuel show for later in the year is also currently showing as disabled and you are unable to purchase.

On the 21st of June, I added the new Vlog page and made some tweaks to the home page which included adding a new grid of the latest three blog articles. This will then allow direct access to the chosen page.

The promo page has also been updated with an Elliot Bibby Zoom picture and new posts also added to the Instagram page.

Lastly, I continue to add magicians to the A to Z directory and I have added a site search function on the home page.

I have lots of plans to improve the website presentation. While the desktop site is hopefully getting fairly smart, I still need to make tweaks with some of the consistency of the various headers and fonts. It needs to be a bit more uniformed The mobile site does need more work as well and I hope to make some changes with font sizes soon. Let’s just say, some of the fonts on mobile are massive!



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