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The Magic Circle Convention 2024

Just a little reminder that this excellent convention is taking place this weekend. I was able to attend last years TMC convention and it was brilliant. Date wise, I cannot attend this year but jealous of those who can. Debbie McGee is lecturing for starters. Wow.

Prices are available for member and non member tickets which includes standard and VIP. Options available at bottom of page.

My review from last year to give you an idea of what to expect here. This really was an amazing day last year.

Official blurb:

The Magic Circle’s 3rd Annual Convention takes place on Sunday 12th May our at HQ, The Centre for The Magic Arts in Stephenson Way.   Our Magic Emporium Dealers' Showcase will be hosted at The Wesley Hotel.

More information to follow.

Note: Tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged or refunded.



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