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The Neuroscience Of Magic

An event has been advertised via Zoom for tomorrow (18th of January) at 1700 GMT for a free event for an hour. You can register via Eventbrite.

Dr Hugo Caffaratti will share his knowledge of magic and neuroscience. Brain perception and magic.

More details below:

Dr Hugo Caffaratti, famous magician and neuroscientist will share with us his knowledge on brain perception and magic.

Neuroscience is one of the fields that can give us insights about human behaviour and the patterns we follow when we make decisions. The way the brain works is one of the mysteries as big as the Universe itself and the scientific approach to understanding it is not that different from the one used when studying distant galaxies. In this talk, Dr Hugo Caffaratti will explore with us how magic can help us understand our perception of reality and as a consequence why we all behave similarly in certain



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