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Theatre Listing Updates

For those who know me, I always try and book performances of live magic, comedians and occasionally music. I have noticed that for some non magic theatre shows organised for later in the year, a new wave of cancellations and rescheduling of shows appears to be happening again.

Currently a lot of magic theatre shows that were intended or rescheduled for September still appear to be happening. I have to wonder though if they will actually go ahead. I hope so, but safety of course has to come first. I guess a lot depends on whether the 2 metre social distancing rule stays.

I will take a look through all the shows again this weekend for any changes and I will be keeping an eye on events. When I last checked at the weekend just gone, the only change was that 4MG had cancelled their July shows.

Thank god we have Zoom in the meantime to get our magic fix. If you haven’t tried one, you should. They work really well and are very interactive.

I was able to confirm another Zoom private booking yesterday for this weekend. A magic show that is being hosted by magician Elliot Bibby. Should be good and I am looking forward to his performance.

The Tom Brace Zoom Magic show “Connected” which is a public event is still on sale as well for Sunday the 28th of June. Of course, I have my ticket already. Check out the Zoom magic page for details.


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