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The Inventor

Kevin James
was born in France, to american parents Darrell and Mary Lou. His father was a USAF rescue helicopter and jet fighter pilot, though later the family relocated to the small town of Jonesville, Michigan, where Kevin grew up.

He was interested in the art of magic at a very early age. After studying drama in the Western Michigan University, he moved to Los Angeles where he struggled for several years supporting himself with “strolling” performances at various restaurants and private parties. 1983
It was in California that Kevin joined local magician groups the Long Beach Mystics and the Magic Castle Juniors. It was here that he learned from professional performers and had a safe place to work on finding his voice. His first important award was the Grand Prix award at the P.C.A.M (1983). With this competition under his belt, he was ready to take the world by storm.

His talent was recognized early on by The Magic Castle like Parlour Magician of the Year (1988) and Stage Magician of the Year (2003 & 2008) and he is most proud of the The Creative Fellowship Award (2004). He has had many awards from many countries, too numerous to mention.

After years of always trying to improve, James’ act began to gain popularity garnering him many repeated bookings; his routines even aired on Asia and European television. As of this writing he has performed in 91 countries. In the US he has been seen on all the major television networks and many cable channels.

He appeared on the French variety show Sebastien C’est Fou (1991), which led to a job at the famed Crazy Horse in Paris, where he worked for 3 years, performing 2-3 shows per night, seven days a week.

After Paris, aka The Inventor, moved to Las Vegas, becoming a featured performer at the award-winning show Splash at the Riviera Hotel, for another multi-year run. He has opened for comedian Louie Anderson at Bally’s, the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo, and headlined at the Sheraton Walker Hill in Seoul, Korea for 3 years.

He was headliner and star of “The World’s Greatest Magic Show” in Las Vegas for many years.

James shocked the audience with his Operation in America’s Got Talent (2007). It’s one of the most popular and watched videos, currently with millions of hits on YouTube.

Since 2012, Kevin James, The Inventor joined the international hit show, THE ILLUSIONISTS LIVE a powerhouse magic event banding seven of the world’s greatest magicians on one stage. They have toured in Australia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America.

Kevin was traveling with THE ILLUSIONISTS all year in North American Tour. They finished the year on Broadway performing for around 2 months with a new spectacular show in the Marriott Marquis Theater.

Kevin James was part of the most important TV magic show in the last decade: THE ILLUSIONISTS which aired on NBC. it was a mind-blowing spectacular, filmed at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. He closed the year performing with The Illusionists on the West End

This year, Kevin continue the North American Tour with THE ILLUSIONISTS. For Christmas Holidays and New Year, the team will perform in Toronto, Canada. Then they will continue around the USA tour.

“I am performing and creating new magic for THE ILLUSIONISTS all the time. Come and see my latest magical creations!”.

The Inventor
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