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"Some of the amazing "non magician" autographs that I have collected in person or via online means".

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Sharleen Spiteri

I am a bit of a Texas fan and I properly got into them around the time of the "Black Eyed Boy" album in the mid nineties. 

This Texas gig was a little while coming as I booked the tickets prior to lock down. We were on the front row as part of a meet and greet experience. We also received VIP laminates, a signed set list and the memories. 

Sharleen was very friendly and while the opportunity is a couple of minutes at the most, I will always remember. Nice also to have the signed setlist from the gig. 

Since this photo was taken, I got to see Texas perform in 2023 and I still play their music most of the time. 

Date: 1st March 2022

Location/venue: Demontfort Hall 


Marina Sirtis (Star Trek)

I was hugely into Star Trek as a teen and like many teenage boys, enjoyed watching Marina Sirtis on screen play Counsellor Troy. 

As she was appearing at a local comic con, it seemed like a good opportunity to check out the dealers and gain a signed photo. 

A lovely lady, but the shocker is that while her character has an exotic accent, she is actually a London girl. Slight accent change!

We got to speak to her for a few minutes and she was quite generous with her time.

Date: Summer 2022

Location/venue: Birmingham NEC


Doug Hyde

When buying a Doug Hyde book at a gallery in Stratford Upon Avon, they kindly gave me this signed autograph. 

I have a number of his prints signed as well which are also numbered. 

I am quite a fan of his work. 

Date: Approx 2020

Location/venue: Whitewall Galleries


Various Signed Edition Books

While lucky to own these signed books, they were purchased as signed editions from Waterstones. As no story attached, I have listed them together. 

Based on the selections, I think it is obvious to state that I am into music and I am a child of the 70/80's.

My favourite signature in these books is Mel C, who has taken trouble to customise with a heart. Also good to have Pepsi and Shirlie and Andrew Ridgeley. Somehow I don't think I will be getting a George signature as way too expensive. And Martin Kemp also happens to be Shirlie's husban

The Jimmy Carr book was purchased at Jimmy's gig in Leicester and was hand signed for the event. 

Date: 2022 through to 2023

Location/venue: All via Waterstones accept the Jimmy Carr book which I purchase signed at a gig.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 21.11.19.png

Alan Fletcher

Like many, I watched Neighbours growing up in the 80's and 90's and I do recall the Kennedy family moving into Ramsay St.

Karl Kennedy aka Alan Fletcher is a bit of a Neighbours legend. I was able to meet him during his "The Doctor will see you now" tour.

Such a friendly chap who signed quite a few things for me. You get a few minutes to chat with him and I will remember this when watching him on screen. I still enjoy a bit of Neighbours.

His theatre show was brilliant and well worth seeing. It totally made up for the fact that I missed the Neighbours Celebration tour due to Covid.

If you get a chance to see Alan perform, I would totally recommend, though it is likely to be a while now before any future tour due to his filming commitments.

Date: 5th July 2023

Location/venue: Castle Theatre in Wellingborough

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 21.11.08.png

Stefan Dennis

Originally I was due to see Stefan Dennis at the Neighbours Celebration Tour that I unfortunately was unable to attend in 2023. 

When the show was wrapping up before the 2022 cancellation, I was able to get hold of this signed photo.This appears to be a legit autograph. I have one other bought separately, signed by another neighbours actor but as I doubt it is legitimate, I have not added to this page. 

Date: May/June 2022

Location/venue: eBay

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