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  • Morgan And West - Latest Tour Dates

    I have had the opportunity to see Morgan and Weat perform a few times. They are excellent and they are currently very busy touring with dates for the school holidays. The current show is their “Massive Magic Show For Kids & Childish Grown-Ups”. Dates and booking details are here.

  • IBM British Ring No 25 - My First Year Review

    Yesterday, I attended the annual IBM British Ring No 25 picnic. A brilliant event that nicely helped me celebrate my first year of membership of the ring. When I joined the British Ring in the Summer of 2023, I did not know quite what to expect but I joined to mix and socialise with like minded people who all share the same interest in magic. Like many, I had seen the IBM stand at BMC and then later at the Magic Circle convention last year. I spoke to Oliver Tabor who was the current President at the time and I grabbed some leaflets about the club. A few weeks after considering, I applied to join as there were many benefits. The combination of Zoom and face to face meet ups certainly appealed. I also thought that the monthly magazine “Key Ring” looked really good. Very quickly after joining I received a membership card and British Ring No.25 pin. I really enjoy the monthly magazine and I receive the paper versions as well as I like to keep and collect them. I probably haven’t made as much use of the monthly zoom meetings as I would like just yet and I attended one initially on joining. I intend to join those meetings more frequently and I do already make regular use of their FaceBook group. Another benefit of joining is gaining the reduced member rate for the Convention and I booked last year for the 2024 annual convention that is being held in Llandudno. My accommodation and ticket is already organised, and I cannot wait as the line up announced looks amazing. The Ring actually hosts a few in person events each year which includes a Presidents’ Dinner, picnic and then the convention. My very first in person IBM British Ring No.25 event was actually this weekend (26-May-24), attending the annual picnic which is advertised as the “Picnic in the Barn”. I hope to write a review of the day for the “Key Ring” magazine. There are too many highlights to mention that happened during the picnic as lots was organised. A big thanks especially to the President Philip Partridge and Dr Steven, Council/members/lecturers/performers and the Tabor family who hosted the event at their barn/farm. It is also worth mentioning how friendly everyone is within the ring. So many people came up and said hello and introduced themselves. I really appreciated this and you all helped make the day very memorable for me. Lots of new friends made as well as the opportunity to chat with some familiar faces. Thank you. If you are thinking of joining the British Ring No.25, I would definitely recommend. Find more details here at Lastly, I am really looking forward to the convention in September in Llandudno. I hope to see you there. Thanks to all at the IBM British Ring No.25.

  • The Poldark Show Featuring Angus Baskerville - Review

    As part of the “Fringe Week” in Rugby, “The Poldark Show” with Poldark and featuring Angus Baskerville performed at The Rugby Theatre in Warwickshire. Though I have lived in the Rugby area for a long time, it was my first time visiting this venue. A small old fashioned and intimate theatre. The show started with a compère introducing the proceedings and then Angus Baskerville took to the stage as the opening act. Previously I had reviewed Angus via zoom about 4 years ago and it was good to see him again performing live. Now successfully working professionally as a magician/mind reader who is performing shows in theatres. For his act, he was on stage for approximately 50 minutes and his set comprised mainly of mentalism. He gained excellent crowd reactions and kept the show very interactive. Using mind reading techniques he was able to accurately reveal spectators thoughts which culminated in a whole series of predictions which ended his set impressively, A very enjoyable opening act/set which was amusing to watch as Angus entertained the crowd. A good start to the show with a confident and professional show by Angus. Entry price was very reasonable and was worth the cost alone just to see Angus. It was really two shows for the price of one. After the intermission, Poldark then performed the main part of the show hypnotising willing audience members. An opportunity for those wanting to see hypnosis live or to even be hypnotised themselves. Only willing volunteers who wish to be hypnotised are invited on stage with no pressure. Poldark started with about 12 volunteers. He then worked with the volunteers to place them under hypnosis. His promise was not to embarrass any volunteer and he works through a few rules. Alcohol (off your face) is a big no no if you wish to be hypnotised as Poldark follows professional guidelines. As a smaller audience, Poldark quickly gained the volunteers needed and he worked with them until he had a small core who were successfully hypnotised. While not strictly speaking magic as hypnosis is a mystery to many that I don’t normally review. It was interesting to see performed and different. While some other acts may dabble is some hypnosis techniques (Derren Brown), this is a full on hypnotic show. Poldark is widely successful and is launching a further tour in 2024. If anything, I probably could not fully appreciate his performance as this type of show is probably best viewed with friends. And of course if you then know the volunteers, it must be extra funny. See the El Mistico tour dates below. Many thanks to Rugby Theatre, Angus Baskerville and of course Poldark.

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  • The Poldark Show with Angus Baskerville

    The Poldark Show with Angus Baskerville Magic, mind reading and comedy hypnosis comes to Rugby in Warkwickshire. As part of the Rugby Theatre Fringe Week, “The Poldark Show”, featuring Poldark and Angus Baskerville Magic are back performing in Rugby! Saturday May 25, 2024 7.30pm until 10.30pm Tickets £15 Available through the Theatre website #Poldark #poldarkshow #StageHypnosis #StageHypnotist #hypnotist #hypnotism #hypnotistshow #entertainer #entertainment #Cabaret #magicshow #magician #mindreader #mentalism #warwickshire #rugby #rugbytheatre #fringeweek

  • New Interview With Pete Whitmore Coming This Friday

    New Interview With Pete Whitmore Coming This Friday For the month of May we launched a special series of interviews with the founders of The Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). A series of four interviews to celebrate the excellent LMN club and the first birthday of Magic Seats. The Leicester Magicians Network is a new club that launched in 2020 for magicians and those with a genuine interest in magic. Our third interview this Friday is with Pete Whitmore. Pete is a practicing magician with over 30 years experience. One of the Founding members of the Leicester Magicians Network and a member of The Leicester Magic Circle. He specialises in close up magic, including mentalism and psychological magic. Experienced in entertaining guests at social events either at tables or gathered in groups. Always giving events a personal touch. Pete is Midlands based and can be booked via his website. Covering Leicestershire and surrounding areas. All contacts and social details can be found at the end of this article. Mix and Mingle / Close Up / Walk around magic is the perfect addition to any event. Pete has assisted Scot Jerram in the publication of his book "Scot Free", reading many drafts and enhancing an effect called "Playing Card Bingo". To book Pete or learn more about his services, take a look at his website and social sites below. Website FaceBook Leicester Magicians Network See below for details about the Leicester Magicians Network : The Leicester Magicians Network As part of this series of interviews with the founders of the Leicester Magicians Network, I sat down with them and asked some questions about the club. Magic Seats - What’s the story behind the Leicester Magicians Network. How did the idea come about to form a new club? Whilst we all love and respect the traditions of ‘older’ magic societies, they can be sometimes intimidating to new members. The four founding members all shared a similar philosophy and it was something that we are all passionate about, particularly in bringing on the next generation of magicians. This is why we thought long and hard about our mission statement: “To Create A Magic Community Where Everyone Who Is Passionate About Magic Is Welcome, Built Around Trust, Friendship and Support, And Aiming to Help All Members to Be the Best They Can Be.” Magic Seats - With many magic clubs to join, what is different about Leicester Magicians Network. Why join your club? When founding The Leicester Magic Network, the philosophy was to create a modern forward-thinking Club that was not constrained by out-dated ideas or principles. Unlike traditional magic clubs we have dispensed with the requirement for an audition in order to join. We do not want in any way want to preclude anyone from joining such as the hobbyist magician. Our desire is to promote a relaxed, friendly environment which allows members of all abilities to share ideas, ask questions without fear, or perform if they feel comfortable. We also have what we believe to be a unique membership model where for when a small set annual fee is paid, it gives you access to many members evenings, workshops etc which occur average twice a month. On top of that, we of course have Professional Lectures which operate on a pay-as-you-go basis members are able to pick and choose which ones they wish to attend. Magic Seats - How did you come up with the name of the club? We had a bit of a brainstorming session and obviously creating a new magic club in the midst of a pandemic was a challenge. With the name we wanted to convey a message of ‘connectivity’ even though none of us could initially meet in person. For information about the club, events or membership details, please visit the website here .

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