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Artificial intelligence (AI) - Why I won't be using AI tools for writing blog posts

Updated: Jan 23

I originally wrote this blog post for my website. However, the same message applies for my Magic Seats website and I thought this post would be of interest.

I have come across a lot of news articles in the last week about written AI and its uses in customer service, media and literature. Some positive stories and others exposing some of its current flaws (here). The technology is rapidly gaining acceptance and already being used to create a lot of written text online. Of course this will leave you wondering what is truly being written by authors and who is using AI to enhance or completely write their work. I have no doubt that particularly in customer service and journalism, jobs could be put at risk.

As a blogger, I enjoy writing. I do not profess to being the best writer in the world but I will not be using AI to enhance my writing. Perhaps it would help me write better articles with less mistakes but the truth is that I enjoy typing at my keyboard and documenting my thoughts. In the same way that I am not interested in reading online content written by AI or enhanced using AI, I do not wish to use it to write my own articles.

The difficulty of course is that it is not easy to know what is written entirely or partly by AI. An award winning author has recently confessed to using AI to write about 20% of their novel.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not totally against the use of technology and AI but regulation is needed and it should be made clear when AI is used for text. My sites are about the written word and as someone also currently writing a book, I wish to take 100% ownership for my own works.

ChatGPT was referenced in most of the news articles that I read because of its use of advanced artificial intelligence that is already producing many online posts. When asking ChatGPT as an experiment to write a blog post as to why will not be using AI, it came up with a long article which was quite scary that you could use it with minor changes.

Below is a screen grab of its suggested introduction to writing such a post. Though some clues that this is written by AI, would you have realised? Read below and decide. Most definitely not written in a style that I would personally write in and it includes an American spelling. However, it is good enough that it will still make you question in future what you are reading and whether the article is the genuine word of a writer/author rather than an AI bot.

Any written words on my websites or in any future publications will not use AI for text knowingly. Links to other articles and sites are out of my control.

Thank you for following my blog.



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