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Best UK Magic Blogs, Forums & News Sites

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Having now blogged as Magic Seats for 3.5 years, I regularly enjoy posting my blog posts and researching various topics.

Magic Seats is about promoting magic, artists and shows. A site that has content aimed at magic fans, who enjoy watching magic and learning about future shows and news. As other blogs and news/forum pages will focus on other different aspects, it makes sense to report on what other sources of information exist about magic. Some other perhaps more aimed at the Magic Professionals.

Here is a list of a few blogs, forums and news sites that I am aware of that mainly provide free content. I hope that you find this useful and if you do know of any others, please let us all know in the comments. Services that rely solely on paid subscriptions, I have not featured, though may do in future.

I do not consider such sites as competitors as we should all compliment each other and I am therefore happy to promote all these sites. We all tend to have our own specialisms and area of expertise.

Please note that while many blogs exist, I have focused on ones that promote magic in general rather than just news about a product/effect or just an artist blogging about gigs. Quite a few more magic forums exist than I realised as well.

Magic Week

The original and best news site for magic professionals which has been running since July 2000. News is updated weekly on Saturdays and the website contains many other pages that includes reviews, items for sale and lots more. Definitely worth checking out and viewing regularly.

One Ahead

The new kid on the block which I only became aware of a few months back. Appears to have started mid 2021 and offers quality magazine articles on magic. Some content is premium though but the site does contain many interesting articles.

Merchant of Magic Blog

While a magic shop, unlike other shops or magicians who run blogs promoting themselves or effects, this blog gives genuine advice. Worth a look though posts are not that regular.

Neo Magic Blog

Also a magic shop with an excellent blog. Posts about all things related to performing magic and helpful advice. Blog posts are published when Vinny has inspiration and always worth a read. A podcast is also available.

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle website does have a magic news page/blog. Posts generally geared around Magic Circle news but worth monitoring. They also have private groups for members on Facebook.

IBM British Ring No.25

The ring has a public Facebook group with IBM related news. For members, you also gain access to a private FaceBook group.

Talk Magic

While I am not familiar with this forum, appears to have many topics and different discussions to reference. However, not much recent activity but may be of help.

Magic Cafe

Not a forum site that I use personally but I am aware that it is very popular. Offers a wide variety of subjects to discuss.

The Magicians Forum

Being more of a blog and news site person, you have probably gather I am not hugely into forums. For those that are, this is a traditional forum with many categories including close up, coin magic, stage & parlour etc. Appears to be an active forum with regular posts.

The Genii Forum

A popular and busy forum site which I believe is US based. Linked of course to the well know Genii magazine. Many boards including a beginners section.

Balloon Chat Forum

For those of you into balloon modelling, this is a really popular forum site. Lots of discussions and advice at hand.

Magic Bunny

Lastly, I came across this forum while researching. Some of the boards are busier than others but likely worth checking out.


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