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Collecting Tenyo Magic Effects

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Tenyo Magic is very popular with many magicians. For anyone not familiar with Tenyo, they produce a range of relatively cheap and ingenious effects that are often quite amazing and use some clever principals/construction.

They started to release magic in the late 1960's and early 1970's and they are a Japanese company. Releasing new product each year. Some releases being more limited and harder to find than others.

Many will obsessively collect all releases and they can make good items to display in your magic room.

Pricing tends to fluctuate a little between dealers for new releases but you can always shop around for the best price. Some items can be as cheap as £10 and on average range between the £20 and £30 mark. Older more collectable releases can go for a lot more when you look on sites such as e-Bay.

Some newer releases can still be quite hard to buy even from dealers, and if you do not buy as soon as you can, restock times can be quite slow.

I have started collecting Tenyo for a number of reasons but mainly for the pleasure of being able to hopefully build up a decent sized collection. Though I only own a handful currently, I hope to add new additions over time.

The effects tend to be popular on social media. I note that Pete Firman appears to be a fan of showing them which he does very well.

I think social media is the ideal outlet for these effects, rather than close up. I say that as while you can perform live, in my experience the effects can sometimes be tempermental. I would use Crystal Cleaver as one such example that while clever, it can fail on occasion. The construction also being heavily plastic, can look a little cheap and toy like if used in close up.

Purchase wise so far, I have:

Mister Danger

Crystal Cleaver

Dice Hopper

The Great Escape

They are all easy to perform and good fun. Like I say, ideal for social media and quick to learn. Here is my take on the "Dice Hopper" which I find fun and easy to use.

The ultimate addition to the collection would be the book Tenyoism. A very popular book that is also quite limited and rare which catalogues all the releases up to its date of publish in 2016.

This book is by Richard Kaufman is almost as rare as some of the early and most popular Tenyo releases. I hope one day to find it and buy it but copies can easily go for around £600-700 as a double volume. Hoping for a reprint but I doubt it will happen.

In the meantime, I think I will stick to buying standard effects. if you have any recommendations, please do let me know in the comments.

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