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Coming Soon: Interview With Chris Dugdale

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

This week we have another great interview lined up for you as part of our new series chatting with professional magicians. The series is planned to run for a few weeks initially, if popular, it will then return in limited runs as and when opportunity to have a chat with a magician/artist arises.

This week I have been lucky to have a chat with Chris Dugdale. We had the opportunity to discuss how Chris has been managing to survive through lockdown and his future plans.

Nicknamed "The King of Standing Ovations" Dugdale is one of the World's top live performers in his genre, and regularly headlines for Royal Caribbean Cruises out of NYC and the East Coast of America.

His show is unlike anything you have ever seen before combining hard-hitting dynamic magic which quickly segues into incredible mind-control following the narrative of his life...

He has headlined his full evening show in London's West End and at high profile theatres and venues around the world.

Based predominantly in America, Chris spends time between his homes in the US and the UK and headlines corporate events worldwide. 

He is currently several months into pre-production of a major new TV series having completed filming in Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Washington DC, London and The Hague. Keep your eyes peeled...

Most importantly of all, he is married to his beautiful wife Alexis and is the father of Lara Lou, a mischievous and amazing girl who has stolen his heart completely!

The full interview with Chris Dugdale is coming this Friday the 17th of July.

You can read more about a Chris by visiting his website here. You can also follow Chris on FaceBook.

Other sites that Chris will tell us more about during his interview are: XYA


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