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Current Magic Shows To Book (April 24 Update)

Some more new shows have been added for the April update. Some individual dates and tours also added. As always, I have checked all entries for up to date links and for any new dates.

I was disappointed to learn that Ali Cook had cancelled his Nottingham shows. Really disappointing as I was looking forward to that in July. Hence missing off the listing. If you have bought tickets already, the theatre should contact to arrange a refund. Would have been a good opportunity to see him perform. However, in April, I have a couple of shows to look forward to which includes "Magic in Mind" by Magic Inc. and Greg Chapmans show. Both are good choices if you live in the Midlands.

Let me know if I have missed anything. I have focused more on events with multiple shows (tours and residencies) rather than single performances. However for this month, a couple of one off shows are also listed as worth seeing. For more one off shows, ents24 is worth checking here as well. I have also added details about the IBM British Ring No.25 "Picnic at the Barn".

The pictures and show posters below contain links to show information. Please note that the links to external sites on promo pics are not affiliated with Magic Seats. Any purchases should be checked for validity as not associated with Magic Seats.

Artist line ups and dates for some shows can also change. Tickets can often be purchased from multiple sources, often looking up the local theatre and booking direct is often easiest.

Enjoy the magic!


Hinckley Magic Monthly

David Michaels and Thomas Dixon are hosting a new monthly magic show. Each month joined by a mystery guest artist on the first Thursday of every month.

Picnic At The Barn

The British Ring No.25 of the IBM is organising their annual "Picnic At The Barn". Taking place on the 26-May, which is a Bank Holiday weekend. Details to book on the poster.

IBM - Picnic At The Barn

Magic and Variety Show 

A true variety show in every sense featuring large-scale illusions, hilarious comedy, captivating circus skills, ventriloquism, extraordinary sleight of hand and even a European champion of magic!

Evolution of Magic

Back for Easter in Blackpool till the 13 April. With Elizabeth and Craig Christian.

Norvil & Josephine Present: Rabbits out of the Hat

A musical play about a magic show.

Magic Inc

I am looking forward to seeing this show. Magic Inc. comprises of Magic Circle members Ian Gamage, David Leeson and Pete Whitmore performing. Music with George Russel.

Cillian O'Connor

A UK Summer tour with Ryland Petty also featuring. Dates are July and August.

Siegfried and Joy

Social media magicians, Siegfried and Joy. Some London dates. These are on the 02 and 03 of July in London.

Kevin Quantum

Kevin is touring the UK in May and June and has appeared on BGT. Worth seeing.

Jay & Joss

Two excellent stage magic performers. Loads of tour dates mainly at Butlins venues.

Hudson & Hudson

Husband and wife comedy magic team Alan and Kat Hudson performing at the Comedy crate.

Greg Chapman's - The Non Psychic "Psychic" Show

Looks interesting. Have book tickets as a magician friend has recommended. Lots of tour dates. Some are already sold out.

Cirque Du Magique

Richard Cadell, Solange and Arkadio performing with others. 4 dates at Wolverhampton currently for October and November.

X-Treme Magic

Poster stats touring so keep an eye. One date currently on 3rd November in Nottingham. All excellent performers. See Richard at his best doing dangerous stage magic and Solange and Arkadio are also amazing as they perform a lot of different magic from close up, quick change, coin and cards etc.

High Jinx

2024 live dates now announced. The dates advertised are a mix of High Jinx and Michael Jordan's solo tour - Magic & Marvels. I have seen High Jinx a couple of times and highly recommend. Especially if you like stage magic.

West End Magic Tour

After a successful 2023 tour, more 2024 tour dates have now been announced. I cannot wait to see this and I have tickets for Coventry.

Illusion Impossible

Dates for September to December to be announced soon. I am monitoring and will let you know when announced.


Quite a few tour dates already listed on their website. And they are visiting my home town this year with Richard Jones, so looking forward to seeing them perform. Not all shows are available to book yet.

The Curious Cabaret

Held twice a month in Nottingham. The next shows are in April, May and June. More details on their FaceBook page here. And they are only advertising Romany in the coming months

Bristol Smoke and Mirrors - Mark Bennett

Mark is the resident magician at Smoke and Mirrors. Check the website for guest artists that are announced. Loads of guests announced this year so far that include Alan Hudson and Craig Petty.

Richard Jones - Experience the Impossible

Many 2024 tour dates now on sale. Most are until April and then a few more dates from September.

The Magic Circle

Shows run all year. A variety of shows worth booking and run be the Magic Circle. They have been very active promoting shows of late, definitely worth monitoring to see a show if you are in London.

Magic on the Mersey

With Steve Price. Dates in April, May and a couple in July.

Richard Cadell and Sooty

Dates in April still available for this year after quite a long tour.

Morgan and West

Advertising their Massive Magic show with dates advertised to June currently. Loads of tour dates.

James Phelan - The Greatest Magician

Dates advertised currently through to May. Hoping to catch this show finally this year!

Pete Firman - Trik Tok tour

Dates until July. I can recommend this show.

The Magic Hour with Tony Middleton - residency in London. Hopefully I will get to this show at some point. Would be amazing. Running for 10+ years. Dates to book most weeks through to August.

Tom Brace - A trick down memory lane - and other shows. Constantly updated with shows.

Russ Browns House of Secrets

Lots of regular acts to book to see shows. Ryland Petty performs here a lot and Jasper Cherry. A small intimate venue ideal for magic. Recently hosted John Archer. Always the best acts.

The Magic Bar - Live (Wales)

A magic bar venue with close up and theatre acts.

Enjoy! Let us know in the comments which tours you are booking to see.


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