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David Alnwick Tour Dates

I’ve received the following information about new shows by David Alnwick. Dates, locations and links to purchase.


“I'm doing a lot of upcoming shows. Here's the list. 


Whitby, 27th April, The Mystery of Dracula:


Bedford 3rd of May, The Mystery of Dracula:


Greenwich, 8th May, A performance lecture on Occult Illusion:


Newcastle, Alphabetti theatre, 'The Signalman', May 17 & 18th:


Sheffield, 4-6th July, Lantern theatre. This is going to be brand new. Details soon. 


August, Edinburgh Fringe, details soon. 



Bristol, Halloween, Mystery of Dracula, details of to follow. 


 Brighton, November 25th, performance lecture on Occult Illusion. 


Tons of bloody stuff. See you there. “




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