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Dynamo Is Dead - Mini Review

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The latest TV special from UK magician Dynamo was broadcast live on Sky TV on Thursday 16-Dec from 9pm. Available to download and watch if you missed via Sky TV and Now TV.

The 2 hour special features many celebrity guests and Dynamo performing. If you have not watched, you may want to stop reading as this post will have some spoilers.

The interviews with guests of course featured magic performances by Dynamo, much of which was amazing to view.

The show is quite auto biographical and discusses some of the recent challenges that Dynamo has faced in recent years such as loss of family, legal fights and even suicide.

While I was aware that Dynamo had suffered ill-health, it was news to me that his mental health had suffered to the extent of wanting to take his own life. Clearly wishing to move forward in a positive way, Dynamo looks for a rebirth as himself, Steven Frayne.

Dynamo is Dead

The programme then leads him and us on a journey to declare Dynamo dead. Hence the live burial stunt that has been advertised in the press to put Dynamo in the past and move forward. Bury Dynamo and then rise again as himself.

Discussing mental health and anxiety with Tyson Fury, Demi lavarto and other celebs, he manages to mix documentary with traditional Dynamo performance.

One interview with Jonathan Goodwin was of particular interest to us magic fans. An inspirational magician and escapologist who discussed his fatal accident and Dynamo's burial plans. Despite his experience and life changing injuries, Jonathan is a positive individual who continues to be active and achieving goals such as writing his book.

Much of the show was prerecorded with the burial to be shown live. Jonathan then helped oversee the stunt and provided narration as a consultant.

The stunt was of course dangerous and thankfully all appeared to go to plan with Dynamo successfully escaping. The first magician to escape a burial without being contained in a box. Congrats to Steven.

The credits to the show were an interesting read with many other industry professionals listed for their involvement which included Tom Elderfield and Bob Pound. Many other known industry names were also in the credits.

An enjoyable show and a must watch TV event. I look forward to finding out what Steven has planned next.

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