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Elliot Bibby - Zoom Magic Review

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

My family and I were able to join Elliot for an online show yesterday (Saturday 19th June).

We opted for the family magic show and thoroughly enjoyed the 30 minute performance.

Three options exist on Elliot's website and the other two are close up magic and corporate. It appears that Elliot is getting a lot of bookings, so definitely book in advance to get the time and dates that you want. Word is getting out about Zoom Magic.

The show was a great opportunity to enjoy Zoom magic and see my sister, my niece, my cousins and all their families. As we selected the family magic show, Elliot was great with all participants of all ages. If you want online entertainment for any event and want a magician, I would recommend this show.

Elliot has a packed routine and fits a lot of magic within the available time. He is very skilled and his sleight of hand with cards and props has to be seen. I have seen a lot of magic performances now and have to say that this is quite different. Elliot has his own style and way of doing things.

The presentation of the show is humorous and was good family entertainment. Quite a lot of laughs and surprises.

The routine of tricks is mainly card based and for anyone who appreciates cardistry, they will will certainly respect how the cards are handled. I loved the show opener and how the bicycle cards appear. A fantastic start to the show and I will not spoil the surprise.

While I would imagine as a magician, Zoom may present some challenges and possible barriers, Elliot uses the medium to his advantage. So, while we all of course love live magic, this technology does allow more interaction between you and the magician during the show.

The connection was pretty good on Zoom. I like to use my laptop to see other audience members/delegates and use my monitor for the show. I understand that bookings are also available using Skype and FaceTime. Zoom does seem to be the preferred method by most magicians though.

I really have to recommend Elliot. His prices are so reasonable. At time of booking, Elliot discusses the price plans with you dependent on your requirements and latest pricing also appears on his website. If you want to know a bit more, as well as the website, take a look at this YouTube video about the show.

Thanks for the amazing show. May have to book the close up magic show next!



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