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Greg Chapman Mini Review - “The Non-Psychic “Psychic” Show”

This is more of a mini review of the sold out show that I attended as part of Greg’s 2024 tour. I will keep this spoiler free.

I had not heard of Greg but impressively, he is selling out village Hall's and small venues up and down the country. An impressive feat as I know from my own experience it is not easy to sell and market/promote your own shows.

This show was at Brixworth Village Hall on the Weds 24-Apr.

On arrival, a nice touch is that Greg greets audience members with his wife. This is dependant on whether the venue has front of house staff. You also get a free souvenir booklet which is a good memento for my collection. Greg is his stage outfit kindly signed playing cards for us all. He was waring an impressive steam punk like outfit which is very theatrical.

Reading the souvenir booklet after the show, it provides details about Greg and his wife Felicity and their projects

The show is about the history of fraudulent psychics and mediums using magic.

Greg has a great stage presence and well scripted routine. A very interactive show with Greg working with the audience and bringing willing volunteers on stage. A well rehearsed and fluid show. Often amusing and funny.

While appreciating the show, I would like to have personally seen more magic as unusually for a magician, there is a lot of talking. However, all the effects are worked tightly into the show with the purpose to enhance the story that Greg narrates. The show is also marketed for anyone interested in psychics and mediums using fraud, so that should be remembered. Most audience members were probably 40 plus and the target market maybe slightly different from some of the other shows that I attend. I imagine that many with an interest beyond magic would like this show including those into the paranormal and psychic's etc.

Certainly the audience appeared appreciative with good applause and a buzz at the end of the show. The end routine created fun for the audience and everyone enjoying. It was the only part of the show that lost me slightly as to how it fitted with the rest of the show. Perhaps I missed the point.

The show is advertised as 90 mins but was probably more close to about 1hr 50 mins without interval.

Greg is on hand at the end of show and has a book also on sale about the history of magic.

It was good to see originality and a unique presentation of some effects with Greg’s own style. The show is written by him and his skillset is wide with experience as not just a magician but actor with writing, production and director credits to his name.

If you would like to book, lots of dates are still available but you need to be quick. Most venues are of a capacity of around 100 audience members max.

Book here on Ticket Source.

For more information on Greg visit his site here.

History of magic book available on kindle here.



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