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Louise Andrée - Father-In-Law Faces Missing Wedding - Please Help Share This Story

Earlier this year Magic Seats was able to interview Louise Andrée. Currently Louise is asking that everyone shares her story below that was published by the Daily Record this weekend (4th Sept).

Urgent action needs to be taken to help Louise get her father in law back into the country (a resident of the UK). So far, the story has been shared widely on social media sites like FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Despite Louise and her family paying for a UK quarantine hotel at £2285, the responsible company did not send the information needed for him to board the flight from Pakistan, despite booking two days in advance. There is now a risk that he will not be home in time for the wedding.

Please do read this story and share on social media. The hope is that any individuals who can assist become aware of this story and take the appropriate action to sort this issue.

Please read The Daily Record here.

Louise with her fiancé and father in law


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