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“Magic At The Barn” - Zoom Show Review

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Unlike many other recent Zoom magic shows, tickets were on sale for a while for this event. Leaving a decent amount of time to promote and book.

This event was interesting as it introduced various ticket options that I haven’t seen before for an online show. You could pay to watch a live stream on YouTube or pay a little more and attend on Zoom, acting as the virtual front row.

While the gig was advertised on the “Magic At The Barn” FaceBook page, a link would take you to eventbrite to purchase tickets. The booking process was smooth and emails clearly explained how to join and what you needed to do to prepare for the show.

The event itself was good value for money and provided family entertainment. A proper theatre experience online with various acts and even an interval which was broadcast from “Magic At The Barn”. The show lasted over an hour and a half, which included the 15 minutes interval.

The compère was established Magician Wayne Trice, who hosted and performed. Also starring Oliver Tabor who performed in the theatre with Vicky Butterfly.

Joining them were Ian and Lisa who performed hand shadow puppets. And Matt Ricardo who performed his knife act.

The different acts added variety to the show and the set pieces performed by Oliver Tabor were a particular highlight. I always enjoy seeing the lady in the stand up box routine and brings back fond memories. This is the routine where you can see a hand and foot still and the middle section of the box is moved outwards from the rest of the boxes enclosure.

It was good to see the team performing a set that no one else is performing on Zoom. Some of the other Zoom shows can get a bit the same with the same old rubik cubes tricks etc. Whereas this had a nice balance of traditional routines for the kids, close up magic and big illusions.

Wayne Trice has the difficult job of interacting with the Zoom audience, while attempting to have them involved in certain tricks successfully.

From comments made by Wayne, it sounds like they are learning from the new Zoom experience and the challenges/barriers performing in this manner.

The streaming quality of the show for me was good, though appreciate that will vary dependant on an individuals own bandwidth.

Hopefully more dates will be planned and we would definitely recommend this show for families and those with small children.

Thank you for an entertaining show. Recommended.


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