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Marvin’s Magic - “Deluxe Box of Tricks” Mini Review

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

To celebrate 30 years of Marvin’s Magic, a special deluxe box of tricks was released as a limited edition of just 3000 in 2019. Therefore, quite collectable.

I had wanted to buy this set for sometime as it will also make a lovely display item in my home office/magic room.

First up, I have to say how impressed I am with the customer service. All my orders to date from Marvin’s Magic have been quick and delivered via UPS. Items are always well packaged and if the staff need to contact you, they are polite and efficient.

This set retails at £125. Though if you keep an eye out for promotions, you can sometimes get a discount. I was able to get 20% off.

On opening the set, the box was perfect with a cardboard sleeve around the box itself.

The box inside the sleeve had a plastic shrink wrap. The box being of high quality and quite luxurious with a small black ribbon in a loop to open the box with MM printed on it in gold. The supporting writing on the box is also printed in gold.

On opening the box, a printed certificate confirming the set was just one of 3000 greets you. I understand that the first 300 box sets had an actual signed certificate from Marvin Berglas Along with a special bonus catalogue.

The gold cups are quite striking on opening the box and behind the cups is a shelf that lifts up and reveals more items.

Also contained within the set was a wand, silk, balls and a dynamic coin set along with more items listed below.

While the presentation and the box itself looks excellent with a variety of content, I most likely will not use the items as I wish to keep the contents pristine. All items are generally excellent but I am not convinced that some of the items would be particularly hard wearing if used regularly.

This Deluxe Box of Tricks includes:

  • Dynamic Coins set: a modern classic, precision-engineered in solid brass.

  • Authentic Himber Wallet: a staple utility device of professional magicians worldwide.

  • Magician’s silk and secret gimmicks: for astonishing empty-handed vanishes and productions.

  • Professional-sized Magician’s Cups in impact-resistant ABS polymer and classic gold finish: Cleverly concealed gimmickry allows for many powerful effects, including

  • Classic Cups and Balls routine with cotton pom-poms.

  • Ingenious built-in Chop Cup feature with special crochet balls.

  • Unique Flying Coins routine, made possible through ingenious, undetectable engineering.

  • Svengali Cards: preferred tool of expert magicians for over a century.

  • Multi-purpose Miracle Cards: putting expert mind-reading and sophisticated card control within reach – without the years of frustrating study!

  • Coins and Cards Matrix: an acclaimed pinnacle of visual sleight-of-hand, made simple through deceptive gimmicks.

  • Cloth-bound hardback instruction book containing over 100 amazing tricks.

  • Magician’s Wand in classic black and gold

  • Collector’s Edition embossed Marvin’s Magic silver steel tokens.

Overall, a very nice set to own and certainly will look good on display.

For anyone looking for a set to learn with, you can of course buy much cheaper but as a collectable, a nice addition to my growing collection of magic sets.


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