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Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png

Marvin’s Magic - Rubik’s Amazing Box Of Magic Tricks (Competition)

Updated: Oct 11

The new Rubik’s Amazing Box Of Magic is now out by Marvin‘s Magic. You can buy by visiting their site.

I preordered the set and I am looking forward to receiving. As the second person to preorder one of the first 40 boxes, Marvins Magic confirmed that I also get a signed certificate from Marvin himself. Looking forward to that and one for the collection.

The reason for posting is that Marvin‘s Magic are currently running a competition to win a box set. All you have to do, is visit their FaceBook page, find the competition post and like and share. They are giving away 10 which is pretty generous.

Once my set arrives, I will share some photos and do a mini review. Expected early next week.


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