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My Latest Autographed Collectables

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Many of you will know that I collect signed items for my collection. I then add them to a catalogue of items on this site. The "Collectables" pages.

I am a little behind adding these items currently but thought I would share some of the latest additions and some stories. Some 16 new signed items.

Many of the autographs are signed playing cards but I have some signed effects and books as well. Here is a summary of items to be added officially to the sites collectables page in future.

Starting off with effects and books, all the signed effects were gained at BMC 23.

Eric Chien performed at the Sunday Gala show and spent the BMC on his stall selling products. I was able to watch him perform close up which was amazing and I was able to buy a packet of the material his uses to cover close up pads, with the packet signed as a memento. I suspect that this material is also quite hard to source and I cannot find online. His stall was of course very popular so my conversation with him was relatively brief. I was able to get photos of him at the time as well though not a selfie as he was quite busy.

The first lecture that I attended was Amanda Nepo. Amanda was my wild card lecture. Someone that I did not know much about in advance and whose lecture sounded very interesting. After doing a bit of research and watching her performance on Pann & Teller (view here), I knew I needed to see her lecture. An excellent talk on the creative process when building a routine and effect as a creator. I purchased her "Gum and Get Some" and managed to get the box signed along with a selfie. A nice keepsake.

The next recent BMC addition was the Elliot Bibby effect "Bottle opener". A lovely effect and a great opportunity to finally meet Elliot. I have seen him perform online a couple of times. So finally good to meet him as he has supported the Magic Seats website with interviews in the past. While I have Elliot's signature already (signed playing card), I wanted to buy an effect that he had designed and bought out on the market. Elliot signed the packet of the effect and a selfie also gained at the time.

While not strictly gained at BMC, I also gained a signed signature from the The Witch (BGT). The Witch made a surprise appearance at the BMC gala show and I was able to gain a selfie. The signed photo was a little later which I gained after purchasing online. A decent signed photo.

Signed playing cards gained at BMC listed below gallery.

Playing cards wise, I was able to gain lots of signed playing cards at BMC. My signed card collection is growing.

Jamie Allan, Adam Hempenstall and Natalia Love were very kind to allow selfies and signed playing cards for my collection. They were on a stand selling Jamie's book "Everything" which I also got a signed copy of. Was great to meet the three of them as I have followed their careers as magicians.

Next up I had a chance to meet Joel M and Tom Elderfield. I had followed their careers over the last few years. Particularly Joel M who has had a number of magic shows on TV prior to becoming a Blue Peter presenter. So, already very aware of Joel and had a copy of his signed book in my collection. I had a fantastic chat with the two of them, and they also obliged with signed playing cards. A real highlight of the BMC convention.

Paul Williams

Leicester magician Paul Williams was at BMC and was lovely to meet him again and catch up. Paul is the chairman of the Leicester Magic Circle. We had a really good catch up as well.

Megan Swann

I had been after a signed card from Megan Swann for quite a long time. I had seen her on quite a few occasions, but as the President of The Magic Circle, it is quite hard to get near her. At BMC, I was finally able to say hello and get the signed card that I was after for a while. A great addition to my collection as I also have Katherine Rhodes, the vice president's signature which I gained last year.

Harry and Peter Nardi who run Alakazam magic in the UK were at "Russ Browns: The House of secrets" in Blackpool, along with Cillian O'Connor. Harry and Peter are of course known and produce many videos presenting and explaining effects. Cillian was also very well known in the magic community and just so happens to have appeared on BGT since gaining the signed card.

Last but not least, I was also able to gain a signed playing card from Chris Dugdale. Chris has been kind enough to send me some signed books in the past to review. So while I already have his signature, I finally gained one on a playing card.

I hope that you have enjoyed this collection of signatures. Big thanks to all those who have contributed by signing items and having selfies.

If you collect magic related autographs, please let me know. I would be keen to learn about your collections as well. And I promise to get these recent additions added to the collectables pages soon.



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