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My New Club - Leicester Magic Circle

Updated: Feb 17

Last year, I was looking for a new (in person) magic club. My previous magic club had unfortunately closed down at the beginning of 2023. I decided to take my time and join a club in my area that best matched my needs.

The obvious choice was to join the Leicester Magic Circle (LMC) which celebrates it 100 year centenary later in 2024. I also already know some of the magicians and it is within travelling distance from me.

Before joining, I did contact a few of the clubs that were local to me. LMC and Northamptonshire Magic Club were both very receptive to my contacts with engaging programs. Another club that I did not contact but was on my list that I considered was Leamington and Warwick Magic Society - another excellent club.

It made sense in the end for me to join LMC as I had friends there, the journey was straightforward and it is a club with an exciting program. They also had many exciting future lectures planned and had a good track record organising the best lecturers.

The application process was straightforward and after completing and agreeing to a standard declaration, I was pleased to learn that I had been accepted as an associate for the first year. I will then work towards full member status.

My first lecture with LMC was as a guest to check out the club, attending their excellent Oliver Tabor meeting (Oct 23) which I also reviewed here. As they also had Steve Faulkner booked in the November, it made sense to apply to join, as I missed the regularly opportunity to meet up with like minded individuals.

This year so far, we have had a magic in the bar social (Jan) and a lecture (Feb) with Matthew Wright. Future lectures advertised for this year include Luke Jermay, Mandy Muden and Elliot Bobby. A strong line up of lectures for 2024 and I know that their website is also advertising their centenary plans in October.

Everyone that I have had a chance to talk with has been very friendly and welcoming. For those who I have not had a chance to say hello or introduce myself, I hope to get to talk to you very soon.

The meets I have joined so far have had good attendance, enthusiastic members and well planned meets. You also get teas and coffees! For non members, I know that you can pay a fee that's advertised to attend lectures as a guest. The club room is in Braunstone Civic Centre with a decent sized meeting room and a bar to get drinks. Membership can then be paid monthly or annually.

If you wish to know more about The Leicester Magic Circle, please check out their website here, which gives all the details about events and membership. They are open to all with a serious interest in magic, from beginners to professionals and those who have made a serious study of magical methods and principals.

Thanks to all those at The Leicester Magic Circle who have been very welcoming. I'm very much looking forward to participating in this years events.



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