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My Week In Magic - Update 25

This week had a few highlights, though a very quiet week in general.

I attended a couple of pro lectures. A Morgan and West talk on the Tuesday which was followed by Chris Congreave on Wednesday (the later organised by Leicester Magicians Network). Both were enjoyable learning experiences.

Other highlights included being able to confirm my next site interview with Richard Jones. Tomorrow, I will post some more details on the blog with the interview set to be posted on Friday the 19th. Really excited about gaining this interview and I have been working on it this weekend. The first draft is now complete and it just needs edits and finalising.

I also finished reading the Chris Dugdale book “XYA” and I am now focused on completing the review for the site. Hopefully I will be posting this soon as well. A very enjoyable book.

Collectables wise, a new signed poster also arrived for my collection which is signed by Paul Daniels.

Also my new signed Stephen Mulhern signed magic set arrived. Was a bit smaller than I was expecting but still nice to own.

Im off work next week so I hope to start some further new content ideas that I have for the site.

Have a good weekend all.


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