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My Week In Magic - Update 66

Last Sunday I started the week by taking a read of a few books. A book that I have borrowed called Machinations by Ben Harris which has about 20 effects detailed is really good. I also took more of a look at a couple of books that have been sitting on the shelf for a while that included the Paul Daniels auto-biography.

Generally a very quiet week with no magic functions which was unusual.

However, I did manage to order some collectables from The Magic Circle shop online. May take a while for that order to arrive but some of the items will be a nice addition to my collection with a Magic Circle mug, mouse mat, playing cards etc.

Also, I was able to buy a signed Dynamo book, or at least a book with book plate. I already have Dynamos signature a couple of times but fancied the book

Yesterday I did a little behind the scenes work on the website which included some graphics etc for Christmas.

Next week, I am going down to London with some magician friends to meet others. Looking forward to that Also have a card night lecture with Shae Gathercole mid week.

Hope you all have a good weekend




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