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My Week In Magic - Update 76

Quite a busy week. I finished reading “Magic is Dead” by Ian Frisch.

The book is about a journalist who becomes a magician and a member of the secret group the 52. It documents his journey into magic, joining the 52 and eventually creating his own magic effect.

The book is generally an entertaining read. I particularly enjoyed his exchanges and write ups of the Blackpool Convention and The Magic Circle. Writing about his interactions with famous magicians which includes UK magicians Laura London, Fay Presto, Daniel Madison etc. A particularly good write up and back story about Laura London and Daniel Madison.

Laura London

Generally a very good read and one that I would recommend. Only main feedback would be that while some of Ian’s own back story is interesting to an extent, it felt as if he explored his own back ground and poker/card playing in a little too much depth. During those chapters, I patiently waited for when the book got back on track about his more direct exchanges with famed magicians and telling you about the secretive 52.

The book is a couple of years old now and just over 300 pages. Certainly good if you are looking for a read beyond the normal magic theory books. I read the kindle edition. Of interest to any magician.

I also bought the kindle book called “Fooling Houdini” to read by Alex Stone. Should get around to that one in about a week or so and will let you know what I think.

On the Sunday, I was able to watch some David Blaine on Sky. An interesting episode whereby David has a fitting for a mouth guard to capture a bullet! An old episode that you have most likely seen.

However, it reminded me to take a look at Davids online website which sells signed posters. Many are now out of stock but he is currently selling a signed bullet catch poster. Think I will put that on my birthday list! Would be a good collectable to own.

Later in the week, I was also able to watch some David Penn videos on YouTube. Enjoyable to watch a stage magician of his calibre. I am looking forward to attending a lecture of his in March.

Will definitely have some playing cards with me for this particular evening as will need to get some more autographs for the collection!

Read more about this lecture in the blog post that I wrote for LMN here.

Also early on in the week, I was able to join an Alain Lu lecture via Zoom. A mentalist who is famed worldwide and has appeared on the Penn and Teller tv show Fool Us. Quite an enjoyable lecture.

So while I have used Zoom a lot for lectures still, I haven’t watched and reviewed a virtual magic show in a while. Mid week, I saw a Pete Heat virtual show advertised. Had to grab tickets and I will look forward to this. I have very briefly met Pete just to say hello, and would therefore like to see him perform.

If your interested, you can buy tickets on Eventbrite.

Collectables wise, after a very quiet period on e-Bay, I was able to pick up the Joshua Jay book that I wanted which is signed with a book plate. Will look forward to this one. And another signature as part of my collection!

To finish off the week, I updated the homepage of this site and updated the promo page. I have also started to tease a forthcoming interview and I hope to tell you more soon… Some clues are already available on the site!

Have a good weekend.




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