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My Week In Magic - Update 96

A very quiet week on the magic front.

I did finally get to visit PropDog on the Friday in person, who are the famed magic suppliers down near Hounslow/Twickenham. I have used them a few times online so it was good to check out the shop in person and have a browse of all their products.

Previous purchase have been some large and small pads for performing which I had purchased and were excellent quality. This time, I had my eye on a few things so made sense to visit.

They had both copies of the Norm Nielsen Poster books that I wanted. Great books that detail a catalogue of rare vintage posters collected privately with about 650 pictures over the two books. Certainly a good addition to my book collection. I was also able to pick up a few other things as well.

The team at the store were very welcoming and I was able to get a signed card by Dave Bonsall. My autograph signature collection continues to grow. Thanks to the team at the store for their hospitality.

These new books are not only an ideal addition to my book collection but will help with a future talk that I am planning for the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN).

I have previously run a couple of talks on the golden age of magic and then a talk on my magic collectables. Both of these talks touched on golden age rare vintage posters. Therefore, I hope to run another talk, this time about vintage magic posters and these two books should be very useful. Should keep me busy when I prepare this!

I have also been practising a little rubber band magic. It has always interested me and is actually quite relaxing to practice. The LMN did run a workshop recently that I unfortunately missed but hopefully I will be able to learn some of the basics on my own.

This week, I have a meeting with the Leicester Magicans network which will be virtual. Looking forward to this as they are planning a show. I am helping with some of the promotion.

Like I say, a quiet week but hope that you had a good one.





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