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New -Non magic content has a new home

Earlier this year, Magic Seats started posting some non magic content as an experiment. An opportunity to write content beyond magic.

While I had always enjoyed writing about magic, I wanted to spread my wings and write about other topics as well. I actually quite enjoy writing and reviewing.

To not confuse matters too much, the non magic content was kept in a separate section on the website and not fully promoted with the general magic blog posts, particularly on social media.

To make things more straightforward, from today, any new non magic related blog posts will no longer appear on the Magic Seats website. New non magic content will now appear on the!

Existing non magic content that was previously posted will remain on Magic Seats. However, the non magic content section has now disappeared from the main menu and the non magic posts that are advertised on the home page will also vanish soon. Eventually just leaving a banner ad to the new site.

I hope that you will like the new site and please do follow the new Facebook page. for the

Assuring that magic content will continue as usual on Magic Seats. It just makes sense to now spilt the content.

Thanks - Martin (Magic Seats)



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