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Pete Firman - TrikTok Review (Spoiler Free)

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Having seen many magicians perform over the years, the opportunity to see Pete had passed me by up till now.

I knew roughly what to expect but certainly wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was.

Like many, I follow Pete on social media and love his enthusiasm for illusions, puzzles and Tenyo. A lot of social media magic, however good does not often work well live or in theatres. Therefore I expected more stage/parlour from a live show which was correct. I really looked forward to this evening.

This show was at the Y Theatre in Leicester. A lovely small sized theatre in the city centre. I had never been to this theatre before which has an old fashioned Victorian style decor and lovely shop style frontage. Pretty much any seat in the theatre will give a great view and I was just three rows back from the front

Booking wise, the website and purchase of tickets was straightforward and special mention to the staff who offer a personalised experience. Special thanks to all the staff and more on that later.

Pete regularly tours and the TrikTok show is the latest 2023/24 show. As a fairly early date of this tour, lots of opportunities remain to book and see Pete live still. Do check out his website for live dates here.

I will admit though that I did not know a huge amount about Pete, who is a comedy magician, other than he is also an actor and presenter. Over the years I have seen him on TV but I did catch up on some his You Tube performances, which was amusing, prior to the show.

On arrival and while having a drink, I found that the audience attending was quite a mixed age group. Ranging from young, middle age to older. Some children were present with an age range suggested for the show to be 11 plus.

The show started promptly at 1930 and lasts a couple of hours performance wise, not including a 20 minute intermission. The ticket price was also really good value, especially for the length of the show.

First off, Pete is hilarious as a comic. Very natural and he works with the audience well and obviously ad-libs a lot. His quick thinking and wit is amazing. I was laughing my head off throughout.

Magic wise, I have seen a lot of magic , but this was also refreshingly different. The act is unique to Pete and while some effects are standard, he makes all the performance his own. Thankfully he does not go for the trendy effects and fashions that others perform tirelessly -all churned out in a similar fashion. At least not on the stage during this show.

From the very start, the show is very interactive with many from the first few rows getting involved. Pete also comes out into the audience to participate with those further back. A total expert in many fields from comedy, magic, spontaneity, acting, interaction etc... the list just goes on.

Performance wise, all I will say to keep this spoiler free is that the show features a wide variety of magic styles suitable for stage/parlour including use of playing cards/cardistry, silks, mentalism, puzzles and various other props.

A bonus of the night was getting a signed playing card for my collection from Pete. For events, there is of course no guarantee that artists will meet and greet after shows, particularly since Covid. While a selfie would have been amazing, I planned to get a signed card with the help of the theatre staff. They helped me get a note to Pete's dressing room, requesting a signed card. So thanks to Callum, Leoni and Pete.

Pete Firman signed playing card
The latest addition to my signed card collection

Observing the audience, it wasn't just me having fun. I could see genuine audience love and enjoyment for the show. In the audience it was brill to bump into a fellow magic mate and his wife, who also thoroughly enjoyed the show. John Constantine (view here) shared his thoughts that were similar to mine.

"Enjoyed Pete Fireman's comedy magic show at the Y Theatre Leicester immensely. So did my wife - a non-magician - which says a lot for the quality of entertainment. Very strong magic - some of it well-known to us magicians - but the point is that it was all done with originality. Plus, there were some genuine magician foolers! Pete is an excellent comedian & entertainer with first-class banter and adlibs. A really great night was had by all."

- John Constantine (Magician)

Having enjoyed the show so much, I can thoroughly recommend. I definitely want to take my wife, so will be looking at future shows.

Thanks to the Y team and Pete/team for a very enjoyable show.

Social media. As Pete would say - "Now come on this has to be worth a follow".

This performance of the show was at:


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