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Review - "Another Evening (In) of Deception" - (Spoiler-Free)

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Richard Parsons, Kerry Scorah and Mark Shortland are back with "Another Evening (IN) of Deception."

I was lucky enough to attend their performance that took place on the 4th of April 2021. A show that was hosted by Jon Bonner via Zoom.

Richard, Kerry and Mark are no strangers to performing together, having previously performed shows online together in 2020 and also working in theatres as a team prior to lockdown.

I signed in early to Zoom about 15 minutes before the show started, as recommended in the welcome email. A good idea to sign in early as it gives you time to sort any technical issues.

About 50 screens were watching the show with approximately 100 or more audience members. The audience was mixed with all ages groups and quite a lot of children.

The performers were all great with the children who participated and while the show is not specifically advertised for younger audience members, the performance would hold the attention of children age 8 and up who are interested in magic. All very family friendly and interactive throughout the show.

Ticket prices are per screen and the cost has remained very reasonable for a show that is nearly 2 hours long with three acts and a compere. A decent show length that has lots of variety for magic fans with an intermission.

Management of the audience was excellent with all muted unless invited to speak. Excellent slide show and graphics that provided information about the artists prior to the start of the show. Picture quality and sound was excellent throughout. Technical help was also offered in case you have any difficulties.

The introduction, links and close was in the capable hands of compere Jon Bonner. I understand that the compere is sometimes different for these shows.

First up was Richard, followed by Kerry and then Mark. An established team of magicians who have many achievements between them and are all members of the prestigious Magic Circle.

The last time I saw them all perform together was in August last year. It was obvious that they had become even more accustomed to performing online and it was very smooth with confident performances. I know from my own experience, talking into a web cam for Zoom is not always easy but all artists made it look easy. Great interaction and self-assured performances from all three magicians. All complementing each others styles well.

While spoiler free, what I can say is that all acts use mentalism and card magic along with other various props which included rope, iphones and cubes .

What is nice about this show is the originality, all artists performing their own routines and some unique effects only performed by them. When a more established routine was presented, the artists put their own unique angle on the presentation that kept things fresh e.g rope.

Each artist was excellent and without given anything away, each magician had a stand out routine. All I will say for those who have seen the show is A to Z, Shoes and Canvas.

A very unique show that has to be recommended. Good value for a two hour show of family friendly entertainment. Three Magic Circle Magicians and a compere, all for the price of one!

Booking details below, along with contacts for the artists and website information.

To check the latest available dates for show, I would recommend that you visit the show's Facebook page.

Booking sites to purchase tickets can change dependent on which theatre that they are working in conjuction with. Some future April 2021 dates are with the Everyman Theatre and can be booked here.

Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons

Richard is an award-winning Gloucestershire based close-up magician. A member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Richard travels and performs throughout the South West as well as internationally having performed in both Italy and Spain.

Kerry Scorah

Kerry Scorah

Kerry is one of the country’s most highly regarded and one of the very few female professional magicians. A recipient of the Magic Circle’s prestigious Gold Star Award, Kerry was the only British woman to perform at the Magic Circle Centenary celebration.

Mark Shortland

Mark Shortland

Mark engages his audiences with a mixture of magic and audience participation. His winning personality and unique brand of comedy are blended with an individual style creating an act that the edge of your seat was made for. He has 12 national awards and was recently invited to perform for the second time on ‘Penn and Teller: Fool Us’ providing the international flare for their TV special.



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