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Richard Jones Show Review- “An Evening Of Magic” - Kettering Lighthouse Theatre

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I was really looking forward to seeing Richard perform again. I've seen a few of his shows now, along with a couple of his lectures.

For the Kettering Lighthouse Theatre show, I attended with my family to see this performance. I also had a VIP ticket which gave additional benefits such as front row seat and a meet and greet with Richard.

The "An Evening of Magic" tour was new for late 2022/2023. However, as the penultimate show of the tour, only the Stourbridge date remains which takes place on the 1st of June. A few tickets remain for that date if you can make it (here).

The meet and greet got the evening off to a great start. A small intimate 30 minute close up performance of magic for about 12 people, before the main show. A performance that included sleight of hand with coins, card routines and mentalism. Opportunities for selfies and picking up a signed poster made the start of the evening extra special. Fantastic to have a brief catch up with Richard.

I should note that the meet and greet is not part of the main show but an addition that you can buy. VIP experience packages are becoming very popular, offering various benefits and I have an upcoming post on this blog which will discuss them very soon.

The signed poster that I gained as as part of the experience will also be a good souvenir, as I do collect magic show posters.

Richard Jones - Meet and Greet

This particular show at Kettering may also be the last show ever performed at the Lighthouse Theatre, as it is threatened with closure. A campaign to save the theatre is currently petitioning to keep the theatre open. Richard of course encouraging all to sign the petition here.

Prior to the show start, I was lucky to be sat next to a couple of real magic fans (Archie) and I was able to chat with them. Always lovely to meet like minded people with shared interests. Certainly many of the audience had attended the Kettering show last year as I recognised quite a few people.

The actual show itself was excellent value for money, probably running for just under a couple of hours including intermission. The theatre was packed out.

Lighthouse Theatre - Kettering

The great thing about watching Richard perform is that he keeps his shows fresh each time he tours. While of course his style will remain similar, he injects his performances with lots of new material. Richard appreciates that his audience/followers keep coming back to see him and therefore he understands the importance to keep things fresh.

Richard, tends to experiment much more these days and varies his act. While he is always excellent, as an artist he keeps getting better and better and is so engaging with his audience. His confidence, humour and skill at magic/mentalism is mesmerising to watch.

I personally really enjoyed the show. Pure escapism and fun. The show being extremely interactive with a lot of audience participation. I could feel that his set went down well with the theatre audience and he created a real buzz. My wife and daughter also enjoyed his performance.

While Richard is known for his mentalism, the show featured some nice comedy and of course, lots of card magic.

While this review needs to be spoiler free, a highlight was an effect in the second half with some wooden boxes which I had not seen performed live before. A lovely routine that I had only seen one other performer present on TV while on Penn & Teller.

Unlike some other performers, Richard performs live in theatres regularly. If you have not seen his act, do keep an eye out for his shows that are publicised at along with the latest news.

After the show, Richard was in the foyer to thank the audience and say goodbye. Also lots of opportunity for selfies, as a highlight for many of the audience members to actually meet Richard

If you attended, I am sure you would agree that the show was excellent and very enjoyable. And if you missed out and like magic, make sure you book next time.

Thanks to Richard and his team for a very enjoyable show. See you next time!

Selfie opportunity with Richard Jones


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