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Rob & Romesh vs Magic in Vegas Review (Spoilers)

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Sky Showcase and Sky Max have just started showing series 5 of "Rob & Romesh Vs". Available to watch or download via Sky or Now TV. Should also be available via Virgin and other TV providers that support Sky channels.

This latest series has started with a magic themed episode which features Penn & Teller. "Rob & Romesh Vs Las Vegas Magic", learning new magic skills while ultimately failing. Though that is in part due to their quest to find the funny in everything.

Previous challenges have included skating with Disney on Ice, West End Musicals, drag and superstar DJ's.

If you do not wish to see any spoilers, I would stop reading now.

This latest challenge takes Rob and Romesh to Las Vegas. A funny episode which also combines with my love of magic.

Having seen Penn & Teller live, I have a whole new appreciation for Teller being silent. While not speaking throughout this episode, he is a genius. Four comedians in the one show.

The show documents Rob and Romesh meeting Penn and Teller along with Jeff McBride later in the programme. The aim being that Rob and Romesh will perform during the encore of the Penn & Teller Las Vegas show.

After a tour of Vegas, Rob and Romesh commit to becoming magicians. Learning some sleight of hand with the duo (P & T). Romesh with the advantage that Penn talks as Ron struggles with silent tuition from Teller. Funny though.

After this initial training, Jeff McBrides magic school is visited. Rob focussing on mentalism and Romesh on card magic and sleight of hand.

To practice, it seems appropriate to try some street magic. Rob starting strong and then struggling while Romesh gets quite good after a shaky start.

The duo then start to learn and train for the show. The task being to perform Penn & Teller's "Lift off for love".

With the look and costumes sorted, all that is left is to attempt n encore performance with mixed results!

A definite laugh out loud episode. For magic fans, it is enjoyable. Some exposure of tricks are revealed, perhaps a little too much but still a good watch.

For those not familiar with "Lift off for love", here are Penn & Teller performing. And definitely watch this latest "Rob and Romesh Vs" episode.


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