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Site Updates/New Content During The Last Week

Most of the site updates this last week have been behind the scenes. I have been working on a better infrastructure so that I can update site pages with the latest information more easily.

Basically adding a database with fields that can be used to populate info on magicians/artists that will feed the tour listings, Zoom Magic and the A to Z listings pages.

The A to Z of Magicians page has had the biggest overhaul. Each listing in the A to Z also makes a reference to whether they are touring and includes a biography, their website details and the date that the entry was updated.

The Tour Listings and Zoom Magic pages have had small cosmetic changes but the info on display should be more helpful during current times with tours constantly changing.

The tour listings page and the blog was also updated with more cancelled and rescheduled shows. Please view previous blog entry which was published during the week for the specifics as well as the tour listings page.

Lastly I have continued to update the blog on a daily basis and I hope that you find the content of interest. I have also added a new Vlog at the weekend that reviews the new Star Wars dark and light side cards.


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