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Space Rocks Uplink With Laura London

Tomorrow night (Thurs 14th), Laura London is taking part in UPLINK 35: ILLUSION & OUR TRICKABLE MINDS.

Broadcast on YouTube from 8pm GMT. You can subscribe, using the link further down and watch via YouTube.

An exploration of what psychology and illusion have to do with space.

Official write up is as follows:

Join us on Thursday 14th January for Uplink 35 with Research Psychologist Richard Wiseman and Magician and Sleight of Hand Artist, Laura London. We’ll be live from 8pm (GMT) / 9pm (CET) / 3pm (EST) here (don’t forget to subscribe).

What do psychology and illusion have to do with space? We are living in a golden age of discovery, but even though there has never been more science and scientific discovery or availability of data and information, we are witnessing the rise of conspiracies at a frightening pace: flat Earthism, hoax conspiracies, climate change denial and more – why is this happening?

Professor Richard Wiseman has been described by a Scientific Americancolumnist as ‘…one of the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologists in the world today.’ His books have sold over three million copies and he regularly appears in the media. Richard also presents keynote talks to organisations across the world, including The Swiss Economic Forum, Google and Amazon. He holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, is one of the most followed psychologists on Twitter, and the Independent On Sunday chose him as one of the top 100 people who make Britain a better place to live. Richard is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, and has created psychology-based YouTube videos that have attracted over 500 million views. He also acts as a creative consultant, including work with Derren Brown, The Twilight Zone and the hit television show, Brain Games. In his fascinating new book Shoot For The Moon, he explores the science of success related to the psychology of those involved in NASA’s Apollo mission.

Laura London is a Magician and Sleight of Hand Artist who also works as librarian at the Magic Circle. Respected as one of the world’s best female sleight of hand artists. She is also a highly skilled close-up magician, a cabaret performer, a motivational speaker and an acclaimed lecturer on various aspects of the history of magic. She has developed virtual performances which have come into their own during lockdown. Her TV credits include The Next Great Magician, Penn and Teller’s Fool Us, The Magic Party and Children In Need.

Join us on Thursday at 8pm (GMT) / 9pm (CET) / 3pm (EST) to watch and join in at our Youtube channel. You can also catch past episodes of Uplink and subscribe for news about forthcoming editions.



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