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Tour Listings - Latest Updates and Cancellations

This week has been very quiet for new shows and any revisions of show dates.

A small summary is below. Please see the original blog posts during the week for more details.

Cancellation wise, Darcey Oake confirmed the cancellation of his 2020 tour.

Online show wise:

“Tricks and Treats” with Magic Gareth is being advertised for the 31st of October. £5 per ticket online via Zoom. 4pm to 5pm For ages 4 up. Mike Super is advertising four shows in October. He has appeared on quite a few TV shows including AGT, Ellen and Penn & Teller. U.S based so will be in the early hours.

Piff the Magic Dragon has now announced a UK timed show for 7pm on the 26th of September.

Lastly, Justin Willman continues to add live online dates. If you haven’t seen this one, I recommend.



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