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UPDATE July 23 - Rubik’s Cube Solving & Practice

Updated: Jul 14, 2023


Back in mid April I posted about my Rubik's cube solving attempt and learnings. I have been practising everyday and I can confidently solve the cube since late April without reference to any guides. Algorithms are now memorised and becoming much more natural on auto pilot.

My main focus now is on picking up speed when completing the first layer of the cube. Speed wise, I have just been timed in at 3 minutes 15 second to solve. I was happy with that and I am now working to get in under 3 minutes.

To do that and make speed improvements, I have also started reviewing some of the speed cube methods to try out.

One trouble I am having though is that my cube is becoming too loose from regular usage. I did try tightening up the mechanism but it did not stay how I needed it to be for long.

If anyone can give any advice on the best speed cubes to buy I would appreciate. I did also read an interesting article about cubes and speed solving in the latest Magic Seen magazine. Worth reading if you subscribe to this magazine.


I have to say that I am extremely bored of Rubik's cube magic. I can't help but want to fall asleep most times when I see the same old routines being performed. It's not to say that it can't be clever, it's just many are doing exactly the same routines without variation.

While at BMC, of course I saw many cubes on sale and yes, some are quite amazing, they are also very expensive. While watching the BMC gala show one evening, I did feel sorry for a young lad who dropped his cube leaving the theatre. Bits everywhere and I hope it wasn't too expensive as I'm not sure that he found all the pieces.

As a child, of course I had a cube and I never solved it. Despite my mum buying me a book with algorithms to help solve, the best I did was either remove stickers or disassemble / reassemble the pieces.

Since March I have been attempting to learn to solve the cube. I became curious to see if I could actually learn to solve it in a legit manner.

I got an official Rubik's speed cube from Amazon. While many cubes are now available, I decided on the official Rubik's speed version as the construction/build with magnets will make it easier to turn without jamming.

I have been really impressed with the cube which cost about £17 I think. Having not handled a cube in a while, I started by familiarising myself again with solving a single side.

Instruction wise, I found a guide online quite easily. Many of course exist along with videos.

Following the guide here, I was able to follow a beginners method by Ruwix wiki.

Gradually over the weeks, I have been picking up the cube and slowly learning more algorithms. While I am no speed demon at present, the focus is just on solving. I am probably 90% there now solving without any reference to a guide.

Once I am able to completely solve the cube without guides, I am sure that I will pick up speed. Speed wise I don't think I'm too bad though not timing myself yet.

Using the cube is quite enjoyable. While some cubes on the market can connect to apps to help you solve, I am not really sure they are worth the expense. It was also good to take on holiday while I was in Wales.

For anyone wanting to learn cube solving as a beginner, I really recommend this guide here. It includes written instructions and a video link.

And if you have been put off buying any Rubik's cube magic due to the expense, take a look at Marvin's Magic who have quite a cheap Rubik's cube magic set on sale.

This is the cube that I bought on Amazon - the Rubik's speed cube.

If you haven't tried learning to solve a cube, I would really recommend. Lots of fun.

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