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Jamie Raven - "Making Magic" Audience Envelopes

On entry into the theatre to watch Jamie's "Making Magic" show, all audience members were handed envelopes to allow participation in one part of the show.  Of course, you are supposed to keep the envelope sealed until advised otherwise.

Enclosed were four pictures that all audience members needed to rip up and tear when following instructions from Jamie.

I only have the torn parts of the picture that I was left with as of course, everything else ended up on the floor.  Must have been a nice mess for the cleaners.

The envelope also included a merchandise ad for Jamie's store and I kept the tickets for the show as a souvenir as well.

Acquired:  18th October 2018 at the Corby Cube.

Paul Daniels - Brain Tumour Research Pin

A special pin to remember Paul Daniels, raising money on behalf of "Brain Tumour Research".

A special pin with a suggested donation of £5 with the monies going to charity.

I found this on e-bay, sold by the charities official e-bay account.

An enamel metal pin with a rabbit, hat and want emblem.

Richard Jones - Large Playing Cards From "Escape"

While watching the Richard Jones "Escape" show at Corby Cube, we were in the front row.

At the end of the first act, Richard with help from a spectator, threw a deck of cards in the air and Richard was then able to stab a chosen card with his sword.

During the intermission, the deck of cards that were thrown into the air were still on the stage and I was able to pick a few up!

As a stage prop and for ease of the effect, these cards are actually larger than standard cards, though hard to make that out in this photo.  A nice memento of some cards used in an actual performance by Richard.

Acquired:  13th September 2019 at Corby Cube.

Richard Jones - Lucky Coin


Richard had previously given away some of these coins as competition prizes and they are extremely limited edition.  On the 31/01/2021, Richard put a limited number on sale and I was able to buy one.  I received really quickly.  A nice size and very good quality.


These special Limited Edition coins follow a tradition of The Magic Circle where it is considered a sign of respect and honour to receive a coin from a fellow magician.  Richard originally created these coins to give out to the troops in Kabul, Afghanistan when he visited in 2018 as a sign of gratitude for their incredible work.

Now for the first time they are available for followers of Richard to help spread some positivity during this pandemic.  One side features Richard's Army values and the other holds the logo of The Magic Circle, the most highly regarded Magic Society in the world, of which Richard is a proud Member.  Richard believes these coins bring good luck when we need it most.


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