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Funny Bald Guy

Harris Fellman has been performing different forms of comedy for over 30 years now. From a handful of feature films & TV commercials to sketch comedy, improv, and most recently stand-up… Harris is well-trained in the not-so-fine art of humor.

During that time, Harris also started many successful online businesses as well. Often incorporating comedy & a variety of memorable characters into the marketing and advertising of his ventures. You read that right: Harris sacrificed his artistic integrity for commercial gain in his own companies — and he’ll do the same for you!

Harris has always loved to make people laugh since the day he spit out his baby food and his mommy giggled. That’s right, he’s been funny since birth – and bald, too! This is exactly why he goes by the nickname “Funny Bald Guy” both professionally and when he plays multi-player video games with his son!

Funny Bald Guy
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