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Magic Ian

With over 20 years' experience in performing, Ian is a member of the Leicester Magic Circle, one of the oldest magical societies in the world, as well as Equity.

Working in and around Leicestershire, Ian has been a working magician for over twenty years, specialising in close-up magic and children's parties. Ian has worked in a wide range of venues, adapting as necessary to each particular situation. ​

Ian is able to draw on years of practice, experience expertise, which includes being advised by legendary TV magician Paul ​Daniels. This has all allowed him to hone his skills, both as a magician and as a performer. Ian's particular brand of laid-back, comedy magic puts the audience at ease and is designed to both amaze, amuse and - above all - entertain.

No two situations, venues, or occasions are the same, so please get in touch to discuss your particular requirements, for free advice on how Ian's unique magical entertainment can best suit your needs. A fixed quotation can be provided on request. Full public liability insurance is carried for your peace of mind.

Magic Ian
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