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Morgan & West

A Fateful Meeting
Morgan and West met whilst studying at Oxford in the late nineteenth century. It was in that most reclining of seats of learning that the duo’s love of deception and legerdemain was born, and they would have been joined at the hip ever since, were it not for the vast discrepancy in the height of their pelvises.

In the intervening centuries these time travelling tricksters have performed their unique brand of magic, wit and whimsy on stages all over the UK, and indeed all around the world. Anywhere there are boards to be trodden, crowds to be wowed or tea to be drunk Morgan & West will be there with miracles in tow*.

Eagle eyed magic fans (magic fans who are eagle eyed that is, not fans of eagle eyed magic) will have spotted Morgan & West on their television/computer/tablet/phone/phablet/smart watch/smart kettle screens in recent years on shows such as Penn & Teller: Fools Us, The Slammer and The Next Great Magician. Mr Morgan was born on a spring morning in 1865, in Caerphilly, Wales. In centuries to come this humble Welsh town would become the birthplace of Tommy Cooper, and this is almost certainly because of the brief presence of a tiny baby Mr Morgan. Upon reaching manhood at the age of 14 Mr Morgan left home in order to become a student of the physical sciences and natural laws at St John’s College, Oxford. Perhaps this early foray into academia introduced him to the concept of Not-Having-A-Real-Job, one which would stay with him for his entire life.

Whilst at that most padded of seats of learning Mr Morgan encountered a young Mr West, as the two were engaged in a theatrical production that was quite frankly indescribable. The two formed, among other things; a firm friendship, a magical duo, and the Oxford University Sartorial Appreciation Society & Waistcoat Owners Club. Two of these things would go on to change the very course of these young men’s lives, and possibly history itself. Mr West popped into being in London in 1865, some 9 months after his parents first had the idea. Little did they know that their tiny, short sighted baby would grow up to be a tiny, short sighted man with a passion for all things manually dexterous. If an object could be thrown, caught, juggled, balanced or in any other way manipulated, it is safe to say Mr West has at least attempted to do it. Once his last teacup was broken by the misjudged catch of a croquet mallet he gave up becoming a juggler, instead opting for a career studying Alchemy at Christ Church College, Oxford.

Whilst at that most upholstered of seats of learning Mr West encountered a young Mr Morgan, as the two partook in a theatrical endeavour that is best left undescribed. The two quickly realised they shared a love of performing, waistcoats and doing card tricks when they really should be learning about science, and soon they would combine their magical ambitions like the directions on a bilingual Welsh road sign. The rest, as they say, is history. Or future. Depending on where you started.

Morgan & West
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