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Noel Qualter

Noel is known within the magic world for his creativity and innovation. He has created magic for BAFTA award winning TV shows, magic shows in the West End and for TV magicians like Dynamo, Ben Hart, Issy Simpson and more. He received the Originality Award from The Magic Circle in three consecutive years from 2014-2016.Noel has been one of the top professional close up magicians in the UK for nearly 20 years and has worked at every type of event possible. Everything from the Harry Potter wrap party to a private dinner for Saudi Royal family at a 7 star hotel, with armed guards he understands how to work under pressure!

Noel is one of only 300 members of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, a designation that can only be given by the President of The Magic Circle and is the highest level in the society. Noel has performed at the world famous Magic Castle in the centre of Hollywood, just yards from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He spent a week in the Close up Gallery performing for around twenty five guests at a time, four times a night for a week.

Magicians understand how important the Magic Castle is to the history of the art. The father of modern close up magic, Professor Dai Vernon, was resident there in the 60’s and the sleight of hand experts of the time would flock to the Magic Castle to learn from the very best. Since then the Magic Castle has been a Mecca for magicians from around the world. It started life as a private residence built in 1908 and in the 60’s the Larsen family renovated the building to become what we now know as the Magic Castle. These days’ celebs flock to be seen at the home of magic. Aside from magic, there's a lot to see at the Magic Castle. When you first arrive you have to utter the magic words to get in: “Open Sesame” and the secret bookshelf door will slide open. You can take a drink in one of the five bars, and get the ghostly Irma to play a tune on the haunted vacated piano. Every detail has been thought of and every corner of the Magic Castle brings a new delight. There is also an excellent restaurant where you can dine in style before taking in the magic shows for the night.

There are three different types of magic to see at the Magic Castle – close up (where Noel performed), Parlour (slightly bigger) and Stage (illusions and the big star acts). Guests are free to roam the Magic Castle hopping from one style of show to another and of course, in between shows, grab a drink from the well stocked bars. Access is by invitation only, and if you do manage to get an invite then be sure to keep an eye out for celebrities. During the week Noel performed, actor Carey Mulligan was visiting and Kat Von D (LA Ink) loved his show, and even tweeted him after!

Noel Qualter
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