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Vincenzo Ravina

Vincenzo Ravina's magic is surreal, mystifying, and absurd. At his show, you may end up wearing Mind-Reading Glasses, engaged in an experiment in teleportation, or cowering in fear at the might of the Ancient and Mystical Balloon of Ultimate Power. No matter what, you'll end up laughing and amazed.
He has performed on the CW's hit show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, as well as CTV News. His virtual Fringe show, Savour the Sea From a Distance, premiered in September 2020 at the Halifax Fringe Festival.
He is also a writer. His collection of short stories, Peril & Exploit and Other Mysterious Tales, is available in both print and ebook form.
For more on Vincenzo Ravina's writing, t-shirt design, and other doings, visit

Vincenzo Ravina
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